“Retailers want to engage the people who go to the store [… and] want to know their customers better — this kiosk helps to achieve this.”

Improve your KPIs and Achieve True Loyalty


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Engagement Points


Increase In Customer Retention


Increase In AOV

How Loyalty Programs Are Different When Powered by Antavo?

Fight the discount culture by stepping beyond points and purchases

Strengthen brand love and stay relevant without unnecessary price cuts by engaging members through behavioural science. Foster long-lasting loyalty with gamification, tiers, experiential rewards and personalisation.

Improve your in-store experience via omnichannel features

Incentivise members to identify themselves with the help of mobile passes. Drive footfall with in-store treasure hunts. Allow customers to collect and redeem points in real time with POS technology.

Supercharge personalization through customer profiling

Collect customer data like never before. Incentivise shoppers to share more information about themselves via multiple profiling sources. All of this information can be used across all your marketing activities.

Combine in-store capabilities with NFC technology

Offer unique shopping experiences in your stores with interactive kiosks where customers can register or log into your loyalty program. Offer store location-exclusive features, too, such as a Treasure Hunt or Prize Wheel.

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